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Gini and Ed started this business in 1997 after Ed went on a long range fishing trip and put his rods and reels in the shower for a week. Gini asked him to make a rod rack that would go with the decor of the house. Ed wanted to display and properly store his rods and reels and the first rod rack was built. We put it on ebay to see if anyone else would be interested in our product, and here we are almost 20 years later building rod racks one at a time per customer's specifications.

Ed is a Vietnam Veteran, Go Navy, and was diagnosed with Leukemia from Agent Orange in 2006. In 2009 we closed down our store front and brought the business home while he was going through Chemotherapy. This worked out best for the both of us. He is now in remission from the Leukemia, but developed Lupus because of the Chemo. Ed doesn't let it get him down. He loves life and has an incredible positive attitude.

Ed has always been an avid fisherman. He is also an accomplished craftsman. We put his two talents together and developed this company. Gini went to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Go Mustangs. She taught art in the elementary schools as a volunteer because there was no money in the school's budget for any art programs. She is a self taught web designer and has done all the web site work.

Ed designed and developed the Rubber Rod Holders that have exceeded our expectations. With the finger tip grip, and recessed screws, there is no way they would ever damage your rods. These have found many uses in a variety of industries. The Police uses them in their cars to hold their shotguns, the film industry uses them for the sound carts, we have a military contract, for holding pool equipment, and of course the sportfishing boats. We use them for our tip holders on our rod racks.

We also love to get in our trailer and camp at the beach or wherever the road leads us. While at the beach, we would surf fish leaving the trailer unattended. We had a safe bolted to the floor of the trailer, but that is the first place someone would go looking for valuables. Why not hide it in plain sight? Hence the Photo Frames were developed. The only problem we had with the frames was marketing. You don't show them off if you are trying to hide something of value.

Ed and Gini make a great team.


*Just a side note, Our son and his wife are backpacking the world, they are interviewing artist and making mini documentaries. Just the two of them, photographing, filming, editing, translating, putting in hours of work to bring a bigger understanding of the frustration to pure joy that artists live with. "Here you’ll find a variety of people that have an inexplainable urge to make their art. While the work itself can speak a thousand words, the internal and external process is a hidden gem and untold story. Our Youtube series will feature artists as we travel spontaneously. website is, www.underthecanvas.com

Bajaedd would like to Thank Brent Benaway for making this video.

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