Unwind with Rod Rack

If you have ordered a BajaEdd Custom Fishing Rod Rack, and would like to purchase one of our Unwind signs for the tip rack, please choose the correct fisherman and the color. Use the drop-down menu below
PRICE: $29.95

Unwind Sign With Rod Rack

Color of Fisherman
Type Of Fisherman

Unwind Signs


Unwind signs are crafted from 16 gauge steel

For the Saltwater Fisherman;
The Fly Fisherman;
and for the Golfer:

Order an Unwind Sign with your Fishing Rod Rack order. Sign can be mounted on any rack 24" or greater. Choose the figure you want: saltwater fisherman or fly fisherman, next choose the color. Edd will then cut a slit in the top of the tip rack portion of your rod rack to secure the unwind sign; $29.00 when ordered with rod rack.

Our Unwind Sign alone on a piece of solid oak. Maybe you just like the sign and would like to mount it somewhere in your home; $39.00 for sign and oak mounting piece.

Unwind on Wood

If you would like to purchase one of our Unwind Signs to hang all by itself, choose from the drop down menu; the color and the golfer or the type of fisherman. Sign with oak mounting frame 24"
PRICE: $39.95

Unwind Sign on Wood

Type of Figure
Color of Fisherman

Bajaedd would like to thank Brent Benaway for making this video

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