Rubber Rod Holder

Rubber Rod Holder Sizes and Styles

We are the manufacturer of these Rubber Rod Holder Clips. They come in two styles and three sizes. Over the years, they have become a ulititarian rod holder for many applications. For example Boom Pole Holders for Sound Carts in the Film Industry.



Custom Fishing Rod Racks

We make our Fishing Rod Racks out of Solid Red Oak Wood. They are made one at a time per order. Ed has always been an avid fisherman and our racks are made to properly store and display your favorite fishing rods and reels.

Below is an example of our vertical style executive fishing rod rack with our unwind sign.

Custom Wood Vertical Fishing Rod Rack


Hide in Plain Sight Photo Frames

Wood Photo Frame Hide a way open with plastic containers

Besides the fishing rod racks, we also make these Hide in Plain Sight Photo Frames. You put in your own 5x7 photo, hang it on the wall and no one knows what is behind your photo but you.



Bajaedd would like to thank Brent Benaway for making this video

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